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Suckling Airways was acquired by Loganair Ltd in July 2011. The Dornier 328 fleet is now fully integrated into the Loganair operation.
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Each year, Suckling Airways serves more than 100 different...

Suckling Airways has been operating the Dornier 328-100 aircraft since...

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Training & Consultancy

Suckling Airways has been operating the Dornier 328-100 aircraft since becoming the UK launch customer for the type in October 1996. Since then, the Company has undertaken its own in-house pilot conversion with the establishment of the Company JAR approved TRTO. This training involves CBT based ground school, full-flight simulator, aircraft and line flying. Recurrent training in all EU required aircraft and ground subjects is carried out by our own highly qualified staff. Our TRTO is subjected to rigorous Quality assessments and was recently renewed for three years by the UK Civil Aviation Authority following an excellent inspection of the standards and facilities on offer.

Suckling Airways has trained pilots for other airlines on the Dornier 328 aircraft with highly successful results, utilising the many years of experience gained by the senior training staff within the Company. This has the benefit to customer airlines of being able to introduce the Dornier 328 aircraft to the fleet quickly, and with minimal investment in additional staffing or training facilities, or to reduce the overhead of an in-house training department by placing the initial and recurrent training in the hands of an expert organisation.

We can offer:

Initial type rating to the Dornier 328 combined with MCC:

This consists of three weeks ground school covering the technical and performance aspects of the Dornier 328. This is based in Cambridge and uses a mixture of CBT and lecture based training. This is followed by 9 sessions in the FF simulator based in Brussels. This includes steep approach and CAT 2 training but can be tailored for individual requirements.

Short course recurrency:

A variety of short courses can be tailored to individual requirements.

Type rating Instructors Course:

This is an intensive inter-active course of ground school lecture by staff and students interspersed with seven demanding simulator sessions. This is not an easy course but the successful candidates are assured of an excellent grounding for their training careers.

Command Course:

A week-long course designed to introduce aspiring Commanders to some of the potential pitfalls and problems facing a Dornier Captain. This consists of ground school, an OPC and three LOFT exercises. This would normally be followed by a period of line flying under supervision.

Cabin Crew Training:

The Company has an excellent Cabin Crew training programme taking both ab-initio staff and experienced crew members through the complete range of Cabin Crew training. This includes the required aspects such as CRM, Fire and First Aid.

To discuss your training requirements for the Dornier 328 aircraft please contact David Knight, Chief Pilot, by email: david.knight@Sucklingairways.com


Suckling Airways first took to the skies as an air taxi operator in 1984, and has been operating scheduled services since 1986. In more than twenty years of safe, successful and reliable airline operations it has built up an excellent knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the UK and Northern Europe regional aviation business, and has as a result been asked to undertake a number of consultancy projects for a range of customers working, or looking to work within this market segment. Such activity includes, (but is not limited to) the following types of projects:

  • Advising on route development/scheduling
  • Market profiling
  • Contact with and introductions to the travel trade
  • Corporate sales strategy
  • Marketing support
  • Yield management strategy
  • Commercial strategy and support
  • GDS selection and management
  • Airline IT support and consultancy
  • In-flight and ground product development
  • Technical and maintenance consultancy
  • Crewing/rostering management and support
  • Flight operations support
  • Financial management
  • Training

For further information about the types of consultancy project which can be undertaken, or to discuss your requirements more fully, please contact Jerry Froggett, Commercial Manager, by email:commercial@sucklingairways.com