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Suckling Airways was acquired by Loganair Ltd in July 2011. The Dornier 328 fleet is now fully integrated into the Loganair operation.
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  An introduction to Loganair loganair logo  

Loganair Limited is an independent carrier, registered in the Scotland and holding an Air Operator’s Certificate and Operating Licence issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.   The airline is privately owned and has recorded its tenth successive year of profitability.


The airline was founded in 1962 and primarily operates routes within the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, employing a fleet of 20 turboprop aircraft of between 8 and 34 seat capacity.  The mainstays of the fleet are 14 Saab 340 aircraft which deliver the vast majority of Loganair services.  Its head office is at Glasgow Airport and it also maintains aircraft operating bases at Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Inverness and Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands.   Loganair employs 439 people with staff located at 12 locations throughout Scotland.

Its present scheduled service route network, excluding services within the Orkney Islands, is shown in the map to the right.   In recent years, Loganair has added services to the Isle of Man from Glasgow and Edinburgh; and from Dundee to Birmingham and Belfast City to its network within the Highlands and Islands.


Loganair operates approximately 120 flights each day and carries 486,000 passengers per year on a network of 31 scheduled service routes.  The routes are genuinely considered to be lifeline air services by the residents of the Scottish islands to which Loganair flies.    In addition to carrying Royal Mail and daily newspapers on its flights, Loganair has long-standing arrangements to carry other persons and items essential for the maintenance of island life including but not limited to NHS patients travelling for medical treatment at mainland hospitals; blood samples; high-value bank consignments; consumer goods to the islands and exports of produce from the islands to the mainland.

Scheduled flights, with the exception of the services conducted within the Orkney Islands, are flown under a franchise agreement with Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline.    Loganair entered into this agreement in October 2008 after operating for 14 years under a similar franchise agreement with British Airways.   The Scottish airline remains responsible for all operational and commercial decisions relating to its network.  

The airline’s network contains a number of unique operations including Europe’s only scheduled services to and from a beach landing strip, on the island of Barra, where flight times are consequently subject to tide.     To the north west, the two-minute flight between Westray and Papa Westray, operated as part of the Orkney inter-isles network, holds the distinction of being the world’s shortest scheduled air service, covering a distance less than the main runway at Edinburgh between take-off and touchdown.

The three types of aircraft used by Loganair are:

Saab SF340

  • 14 aircraft with 33/34 seats
  • 2 dedicated freighter aircraft
  • Flown by 2 pilots, 1 cabin crew
  • Take-off weight of 13,155 kgs

Operates the majority of Loganair’s scheduled flights as a Flybe franchise carrier. 

DHC6 Twin Otter

  • 2 aircraft with 18 seats
  • Flown by 2 pilots
  • Take-off weight of 5,670 kgs

Retained primarily for services to Barra where landings are made on the beach; operates PSO flights from Glasgow to Barra, Tiree and Campbeltown and from Barra to Benbecula.  

Britten-Norman Islander

  • 2 aircraft with 8 seats
  • Flown by 1 pilot
  • Take-off weight of 2,990 kgs

Operated solely on PSO inter-island services from Kirkwall to the six north isles of Orkney

Loganair also operates dedicated charter services for Royal Mail as part of its Skynet air delivery network and works extensively in the ad-hoc and contract charter markets.    It operates regular services for major oil companies and a construction contractor providing services to the offshore industry.     Frequent ad-hoc charter services are undertaken for sports teams including major football clubs throughout the UK.

The airline maintains extensive infrastructure throughout Scotland to support the delivery of its services.   It holds EASA 145 and EASA 145 accreditation and undertakes major maintenance on its Saab 340 and Twin Otter aircraft at its Glasgow base.    BN2 Islander maintenance is undertaken at a further facility at Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands.    Line maintenance capability is maintained at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Kirkwall and Sumburgh and the airline provides contracted engineering support to a number of other airlines including Emirates, Air France’s Regional subsidiary, BA CityFlyer and Swift Air.    

Loganair offers ground handling capability at eight airports in the Highlands and Islands and its wholly owned subsidiary Aero Handling offers full ground handling, including de-icing capability, at Aberdeen Airport and Sumburgh in the Shetland Islands.    Aero Handling provides handling and de-icing to a number of customers including West Atlantic, Bristow Helicopters, CHC Helicopters, easyJet and BenAir.